Information for Participants

All academics, researchers, students and interested parties can attend this congress, whether or not they have accepted their summary for CCER2019.

Registration is now open. A link to the abstract model is available on this page.

Abstract Model

Download “here” the Summary Model (editable). Use the indicated format and do not exceed the limit of a page. Send it in MS-Word format, at the time you register.

Information for Oral/Poster Sessions

Oral Presentations (Keynote Speakers, Guest Speakers and Oral Contributions)

1. Presentation time

  • The duration of the presentation material must be in accordance with its allotted time as follows.
  • Keynote Speakers: 30 min. including questions and answers.
  • Guest Speakers: 20 min. including questions and answers.
  • Oral Contributions: 15 min. including questions and answers.
  • It is strongly recommended to respect the allotted time.
  • The presentation material must be concise and clearly understandable.

2. Speaker presentation and autobiography

  • The presentation file must be prepared in MS-PowerPoint format in Spanish or English.
  • If you use fonts other than standard Windows Office 2010 or higher, bring the font files along with the presentation file.
  • Bring your PowerPoint presentation file to a USB stick and send it to the staff in each presentation room at least 15 minutes before each session begins. The operator will upload the presentation files to the portable PC.

Posters Presentation

1. Presentation time

  • Poster sessions will last two hours. Time that each person can perform the presentation and defense of their work.
  • The times of assembly and disassembly of the posters in the designated area are strongly recommended.

Poster dimensions information

Poster Dimension

  • Each poster will be assigned a panel, which has its own paper number in the conference summary book.
  • We do not specify the poster format, but each poster must include the title of the paper, the authors, the affiliation and the number of the paper, and must fit within a space of 0.9m x 1.2m.
  • The code of each paper will be shown on the board.
  • Poster presenters must prepare their own poster materials in advance and assemble their posters at least 30 min before each session.
  • Remove your poster at the indicated time.
  • Materials such as scissors and ribbons will be provided at the location of the poster session.

Poster Session Program

Social Program

Welcome reception

  • Date and time: November 19th, 2019 / 19:30
  • Location: Auditorium Building “María Ghilardi Venegas” JGM Campus, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Chile. (Annex JGM Campus map).
  • All participants are cordially invited to the welcome reception. It will be a great opportunity to develop a wide, deep and diverse network of personal connections with participants from the country.
  • The CCER 2019 Organizing Committee will offer complimentary food and drinks

Map of the Congress venue

Organizing Committee:

Vibration Spectroscopy Laboratory – Faculty of Sciences – University of Chile.